Thoughts On Music T-shirts And Funny T-shirts

Music T-shirts: Just To Look Cool Or Should You Be A Groupie?


Some music t-shirts have transcended the term ‘popular’, they can no longer be described as trendy t-shirts, some have now become cult t-shirts. You see it all the time, teens walking around with ‘The Ramones’ on their chest and you just know by the look of them they wouldn’t even be able to tell you one of their lyrics. Fashion shops are full of music t-shirts with iconic bands and singers on the front. Whether people actually know all the tour dates or have never even bought one of their songs, it seems that everyone wants to wear music t-shirts.

You could argue that buying music t-shirts of singers and bands that you don’t really listen too is OK, and you know what I kind of agree! You know they are iconic and they have a cult following and it kind of like showing your appreciation to them. Plus, you look cool!

At the moment Lady Gaga’s mug seems to be sprawled across a lot of music t-shirts and who can get away from Rihanna? Robyn Fenty is everywhere! It’s not so bad though when you see people wearing the likes of Gaga and Rihanna, because let’s face it, they’re pretty new in town and it kind of makes sense that they’d be included in music t-shirt wearing frenzy. Who knows if they will be around in twenty or thirty years from now and even if they are is anyone going to proudly emblazoned them across their chest?

The kind of music t-shirts that will undoubtedly stand the test of time are the likes of David Bowie, Blondie, The Beatles, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones… I could go on! These are the music t-shirts that represent music in a time when it pushed social boundaries and forced people to see society for how it really was.

As cool as it is to wear music t-shirts for the haha’s, it’s always going to be better to wear them with conviction. When you see someone walking down the road with Mick Jagger on their top you’d like to think that at one point or another, that person really couldn’t get no satisfaction! Whether it be from the government, at work or just in life generally.

Funny T-shirts Just Get Better

Remember when ‘funny’ t-shirts first came out? Think about it, were they actually really funny? ‘F.B.I – Female Body Inspector’ is that funny? Is it even supposed to be offensive, because it’s not. It’s just lame! Luckily for all of us though, funny t-shirts just seem to have gotten better and better as the years went by!

If you want to declare yourself 83% potato or 97% Moomin its OK now days! Only the really cool people will find it funny anyway so stuff the rest! Even Zombie Culture and funny t-shirts are now walking… I mean shambling around hand in hand. Don’t even get me started on geek chic! It’s cool to wear funny t-shirts that have anything to do with geek culture so we should all embrace it.

The internet is probably the best place to buy funny t-shirts and music t-shirts.  When it comes down to it, if you buy t-shirts online you are less likely to be wearing the same one as the person sitting next to you on the bus!